Lochearn Community Club

3600 Campfield Road

Lochearn, Maryland 21207

(410) 298-0493 (NOTE: This number only functions Memorial day to Labor day) 


What is a Trial Membership?
A Trial Membership is set up for new members, joining for the first time. They pay the dues for their appropriate plan - that is Family, Two Person, Single, Senior Two Person, Senior Single. They also pay a $55.00 Application fee. Trial members have not started the bond acquisition process.

What is this Bond thing?
Lochearn Pool is a member owned and operated pool. The bond is the vehicle of ownership. A bond costs $300.00.

Members joining for the second year must begin the bond acquisition process. They can purchase the bond for $300.00 at that time, or in three yearly installments of $100.00. Many of our members have used this option.

Once the $300.00 is paid, the member becomes an equal partner in ownership of the Club with all the other bond holders.

I'm joining for the first time - what do I pay?
You pay your dues and an application fee of $55.00. If you are joining as a Family - your dues are $595.00, and the Application fee is $55.00, for a total of $650.00. Please visit the dues page to see all membership options. 

It's my second year at Lochearn - what do I pay?
You pay your dues, your maintenance fee ($180.00), and $100.00 for the first installment on purchasing a bond. You can elect to pay your bond in one installment of $300.00.

Maintenance Fee? Can I work this off?

Just as there is always work to be done at our homes, there is work that needs to be done at our "summer place". Repairing, updating, cleaning and maintaining the pool and grounds is a ongoing process. You can work this off by volunteering a minimum of 4 hours per family at one of the scheduled clean ups. If you are not able to be at one of the Spring Cleanups but would like to work of your hours outside of those days, you must email and make a formal request. 

Having our members tackle these tasks serves several purposes. First is that volunteer labor is cheaper than paying! Additionally, when the members have put something of themselves into the facility, a sense of pride and community is fostered.

Can I bring guests?
Yes! You must be with your guests the entire time they are at the pool.

The fee per guest is:

$10 per person* 

$5 after 5:00

We have a sheet of ten (10) guest passes available for purchase at $80.00. 
Children 3 and under are always free. 

*Guest fees on Holiday Weekends (Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July) are $15

Why are many of the children wearing bracelets, and does my child need one?
In the interest of safety, we require children under 18 to pass a deep water test before they are allowed to swim in the deeper areas of the pool. Once they have passed, they are issued a bracelet to wear so that the guards can see they have passed. Replacement bracelets for those lost or forgotten are $1.00.

I've been an ongoing member, but this year I'll be out of town all summer - what do I do?

You can request a Leave of Absence for the summer, which is subject to approval by the Board of Directors. There is an $80.00 fee for a one time Leave of Absence. 

What are my duties as a member of the pool?

Being a bonded member of the pool means that you are part-owner and therefore have responsibilities for helping to keep the pool clean and maintained. All members are expected to attend pre-opening and post-closing clean-up events and members meetings. Members are encouraged to volunteer for positions on the Board, Board Committees, and the Executive Board.

What do I do if I need to terminate my membership?

Please see this page for detailed info.